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 Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year 



Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members:

Back in August of 1997, I began teaching at Wossman High School. I have taught primarily GT English courses over the years. My educational background lies in English Liberal Arts. I have two degrees, a
Bachelor of Arts in English (1994) and a Master of Arts in English (1996) from Northeast Louisiana University. Graduate study included courses such as Shakespearean Tragedies, Shakespearean Comedies, The Unruly Woman in Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, Anglo-Saxon Literature, American Literary Masters, Romantic Period in English Literature, the Victorian Period in English Literature, Modern Drama, Renaissance Drama, Grammar for Teachers, Advanced Composition, Bibliography, Medieval Literature, John Milton, and many others. My love of literature is central to my life's work and interests. I am an avid reader and a strong advocate of reading, as I have seen the many benefits reaped by those students who are readers. In addition to being a lover of literature, I am also a writer and poet. I write short stories, poetry, and songs. 

My philosophy of teaching is based on the idea of mastery teaching. I believe that learning is more important than the grade received in a class, although grades are obviously necessary. I believe in providing remediation and retesting until each student has mastered the content. I believe in trying multiple strategies in an effort to match each student with a presentation of content that will resonate with that particular student. It may be that some students need a mnemonic device. Others may need a visual presentation. Still others may need audio presentations or may need to discuss the content with peers. All of these strategies and others are daily used in my classroom. I believe that a teacher should never give up on a student. Even if that student appears not to want to learn, the teacher is obligated to reach out to the student. Those are the challenges I embrace.

Another facet of my teaching philosophy is that I believe that a teacher of gifted students should work hard to inspire and to motivate these highly intelligent students to achieve all that they can achieve. This does not end when the student graduates high school. The teacher-student relationship never ends. I work hard to stay in contact with each student because I have invested my time and energy in that unique person, and I want to see that student achieve his or her goals in life. I think that I have taught students who are now in just about every conceivable profession. I now have a dentist, a veterinarian, a pediatrician, attorneys, accountants, military officers, teachers, managers, nurses, engineers, and computer specialists. I know I have left out many of the professions of my former students, but these are the ones I can readily recall. My adult life has been devoted to contributing to the success of my students and every student with whom I am in contact. I take my job seriously and do not underestimate nor abuse the influence I have on the precious young people who pass through the doors of Wossman High School.

Finally, I will close with this statement directed to the parents/guardians of the children I teach. You are the most important people in the lives of my students. I appreciate all that you do to instill in your child the importance of an education. I have been blessed to have taught some of the most polite, most intelligent, and driven young people the world has ever seen. I am truly blessed and do not hesitate to let you and my students know that I am grateful. I could not be as successful as I am without the foundations you have laid. I humbly thank you.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to call me at (318) 387-2932(318) 387-2932, extension 1439, or you may email me using the Contact Me tab. I look forward to hearing from you. My door is always open to students, former students, and to parents/guardians of my students. I welcome you. In fact, I will even give you a good b
ook to read. 

Sincerely yours,

Michelle J. Manuel, M.A.




1st Period: Business English

2nd Period: English IV AP

3rd Period: Dual Enrollment English IV 

 4th Period: Planning Period/IEP Conferences

5th Period: English IV AP

6th Period: Business English

7th Period: Gifted English









Wossman High School Mission Statement
We Are W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S. (Working to Improve Learning and Discipline with Curriculum, Assessments, and Teaching Strategies that are evidence-based)