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Welcome to my Army JROTC Webpage. I am SFC (Ret) Russell L. Gibson, the JROTC Level 1 & Level 3 Instructor (318)387-2932 ext 1426. Our course is designed to "Motivate Young People to Become Better Citizens." Parents remember the coronavirus pandemic is still out here. Parents your child will have access to everything that they will need for satisfactory completion of this course. JROTC has launch a website through internet explorer called which will allow your child to complete their assignments. I have their username/passwords. This course requires discipline and hard work, but the reward is well worth their effort. JROTC is design to teach your child.


1. Sharpen your communication skills.


2. Promote and encourage citizens through participationin community service projects.


3. Develop your leadership potential.


4.Strengthen your delf-esteem


5. Improve your physical fitness


6. Provide incentives to live drug-free


7. Promote your graduation from high school and develop a solid foundation for career development.