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It is important that you  check individual homework assignments, projects, and upcoming tests dates from each scheduled teacher by logging on to the Parent Command Center.  Academic Teachers post needed information on a daily basis.
To get to the Parent Command Center go to the Monroe City Schools Website at  Click  on "PARENT COMMAND CENTER"

Students are required to bring materials to their scheduled Study Skills class.  The materials covered in the academic classes are reinforced.   Please be aware that students could possibly complete homework assignments during the Study Skills Class; therefore, the student 's written homework at home may be, but not necessarily, minimal. 
It is important that the student keep up with Accelerated Reader Points,  maintain assignment log, turn in homework to classroom teachers and study for tests.
Organization and Time Management are essential.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with and teach your child.

Caron McPherson
Neville High School
323-2237 Extension 1264