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 Hello Parents!  My name is Mable Price & I am the Special Education Teacher. This school year (2022-2023) I will service 3rd graders at Thomas Jefferson Upper Elementary School. I'm excited & ready to be of service to you & your child.


My job is to assist your child in the regular classroom (Inclusion); to service your child in the Resource Room & to assist your child when testing.



Every student who receives special education services must have an education plan designed to meet the student's specific needs.  This plan is called an Individualized Education Program. (IEP) The IEP is created by a team that includes educators, specialists, the student's parents, and often the student.  Parents, it is very important that you attend IEP meetings for your child.


An IEP has 2 main purposes. It sets appropriate learning goals for the student.  It also outlines what  the school district will provide to help the student reach those goals.  These services often include daily classroom modifications or accommodations that support the student's needs and help level the playing field.


I look forward to working with you & your child this school year.


Please feel free to contact me for questions or concerns. You can reach me at 410-1378, Ext. 4872.