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Enabling students with exceptionalities to function in an adapted environment to become academically, culturally, and technologically literate  in order to function as responsible, productive, and caring citizens.



We are excited about the ongoing learning process as we daily grow into the best version of our self we can be here at Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High.  We must continue to press and persevere : onsite and virtual learning environments.  We will survive. 

Each child receive encouragement to work hard as they can and to reach for the stars.  
Now let us GO and GROW into the well rounded, well educated, well behaved scholars you are called to be.

"Looking forward to watching each of you grow and learn across the whole adapted curriculum.  Learning can be an adventure, come travel to new and exciting places."



We are Wildcats on the P.R.O.W. L.!


Providing Rigorous and relevant Opportunities in instruction that Will enhance Learning



Mission Statement

To provide our students with rigorous and relevant opportunties in instruction that will enhance learning.