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 "The ultimate measure of a people is not where they stand in the moment of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenges and controvery."  - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Class of 2021

Mrs. Walker-Sims Wonder Seekers 

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies


Greetings, Minnie Ruffin Elementary Families.

I am excited to welcome back our students for the 2020-2021 school year on Wednesday, August 26! My name is Nydia Walker-Sims and I have the privilege to be your child’s 6th grade social studies teacher. It is with great sincerity when I say that teaching is not my job; it is the career I have chosen and hold dear. As you do, I take my responsibility of having your child's best interest at heart. Let us keep the lines of communication open to ensure that our student maintains a positive attitude and we inspire an appreciation for learning.


Zoom Information:

Meeting I.D. 816 7735 0864

Passcode: AAaY2a



Google Class Codes for Mrs. Walker-Sims' Homeroom


Mrs. Walker Sims: xdrz45j                             

Mrs. Cheeks: 7r5cyjm                                                 

Mr. Harrison: o4wc3oa                                    

Ms. Phillips: jsvxbev



Social Studies-World History-

World History is more than learning about past events and people. World history seeks a global perspective on the past-one that integrates the historical experiences of all the world's people and their interactions. We will explore the effects of the evolution of early humans from being hunters and gatherers to food producers. This will include the legacies of different cultures and the impact(s) they have on our modern world. It's going to be wonderful to make the connection the past has on our present.

DBQs: Document Based Question(s): The teaching of social studies has also evolved! Although content and prior knowledge are still essential components in this subject, emphasis is placed on the students' ability to articulate connections through his/her writings. These writings should exhibit analyzation of data and documents, being able to make inferences through these documents, and the ability to evaluate and support his/her claim with evidence from the document or data. In short, the goal is for students to acquire critical thinking and clarity in writing skills. DON'T PANIC! Together, we are going to practice until we get it RIGHT!


 Each student should come to school prepared and ready to learn and do his/her best to achieve. Good behavior is EXPECTED in this class. Parents, let us work together on this. Please see links for on-site and virtual class expectations and rules.

Homework: Our students MUST develop their study skills. I will assign homework daily (most weekends included). Much of the assignments will consist of reviewing notes and rereading articles that have been discussed in class or in preparation for the next day.

Attendance: Attending school every day is important, whether on-site or virtual. However, when a student is sick keeping him/her home from school is best and demonstrates consideration for others. Students are required and will have the opportunity to make-up any work that was missed during the illness.

Questions: If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact at school at 322-3447 ext. 4612. My goal is to maintain a warm, structured, positive environment and yet provide flexibility to meet the individual needs of my students and parents.