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Welcome to Ms. Morgan and Ms. Beth's Class 

Ms. Morgan and Ms. Beth are excited to start the new adventure in PK this school year at Breaux Bridge Primary.  


email: [email protected]


 Classroom Phone: 909-3852 


When calling the classroom phone, it will direct you to voicemail.  I am able to check at naptime and after school. 






Home Learning Resources


DIG  DIG Pre-K at Home offers Dr. Jean songs and videos, Letter People online games and songs, and printables to use away from the computer. 



GoNoodle  GoNoodle® engages with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. 



ReadyRosie Weekly activities in the areas of Learning at Home, Prevention & Care, Emotional Well-Being.


FrogStreet You can access over 250 English and Spanish electronic books, activities and songs from the Frog Street “Empowering Families” and “Sing & Read” collections simply by creating an account and logging in.


Teaching Strategies Sample Schedules, Guided Daily Learning Plans, and Curated Activities. 








PK Snap Power Words (sight words)


and can do go
is it like love
me my on  see
the to we you


Kindergarten Power Words


a all am an
and are at be
big can can't come
do down for get
go had has have
he here I in
is it like little
live look lots love
me my no of
on one said see
she that the there
they this to up
want was we went
what where who why
will with yes you



Focus Questions and Wow Words 



Technology in Our World/Under Construction


May 3-7         Focus question: How does technology change our world?

   week 1           Wow words: dim, huddle, frustrated, unexpected, startled  


May 10-14      Focus question: What was life like 100 years ago? 

   week 2          Wow words: machine, invent, progress, improve, obstacle


May 17-21     Focus question: What makes Louisiana special?  

  Louisiana        Wow words: symbol, environment, cuisine, music, festival




Living Things/Farms & Folk life


March 29-April 1 Focus question: What grows?

   week 1              Wow words: curious, transform, agree, disagree, ridiculous


April 12-16        Focus question: What do living things need?

   week 2              Wow words: gasp, impossible, harm, tiny, huge


April 19-23        Focus question:  What do plants need to grow?

   week 3               Wow words: mystery, sprout, brilliant, variety, gigantic


April 26-30       Focus question:  How do animals grow and change?

   week 4               Wow words: delicate, flutter, hilarious, giggle, lively


Science is Everywhere/Daily Life in Many Lands


February 22-26    Focus question: What is science?

   week 1           Wow words:  study, mighty, unusual, wonder, ancient


March 1-5         Focus question: What do scientists do?

   week 2           Wow words:  investigate, expedition, fascination, inquire, reveal


March 8-12       Focus question:  How are objects the same and different? 

   week 3            Wow words:  record, predict, consider, evidence, gather


March 22-26        Focus question: How can objects change?

   week 4            Wow words:  alter, inflate, extraordinary, combine, experiment 


 Health and Nutrition/Markets


 January 25-29   Focus question: Why is it important to stay healthy?

    week 1          Wow words:  cozy, soothe, smidgen, fret, shiver


February 1-5  Focus question: What food is good for us?

     week 2        Wow Words: taste, colossal, nibble, energetic, gobble


February 8-12 Focus question: Why should we exercise?

      week 3        Wow words: enthusiastic, vigorous, active, sprint, amble


Februrary 18-19  Focus question: Why should we stay clean?

      week 4        Wow words: groom, sparkling, grubby, thrive, gently


 The Earth, Our Home/Seasons


December  14-18  Focus question: How is the Earth important to us? 

     week 1              Wow Words:  abundant, swirl, gooey, gloomy, disaster


January  4-8     Focus question: Where on Earth do animals live? 

      week 2            Wow Words: enormous, scorching, lush, scamper, soar 


January 11-15     Focus question: How does the weather change through the year?

      week 3            Wow words: frosty, drench, glisten, blustery, sizzling 


January 18-22   Focus question: How can we take care of the Earth?   

      week 4            Wow Words: pollute, destroy, neglect, recycle, protect


Our Community/People & Places in our Community


November 9-13        Focus question: What are the places in our community?  

     week 1               Wow Words: community, bustling, neighbor, interact, dash 


 November 16-20   Focus question: Who are the people in our community?  

     week 2               Wow Words: rescue, rely, serve, contribute, champion


November 30- December 4         Focus question: How can we help our community?

     week 3               Wow Words: volunteer, grateful, dazzling, prance, collaborate


December 7-11      Focus question: What is our world community?     

      week 4              Wow Words: greet, global, fancy, fabulous, diversity 


All About Me/Families


October 12-16         Focus question: What makes me special? 

     week 1                          Wow Words: unique, creative, athletic, appreciate, persistent 


 October 19-23       Focus question: How are families the same and different?

      week 2                          Wow Words: belong, calm, boisterous, comfort, support 


October 26-30       Focus question: How do our senses help us?

       week 3                        Wow Words: munch, observe, examine, aroma, texture 


November 2-6         Focus question: How can we keep ourselves safe?

      week 4                         Wow Words: safety, equipment, cautious, distract, admire


Welcome to School/At School


September 14-18      Focus question: What happens at school?

     week 1             Wow Words: challenge, considerate, disturb, commotion, tidy


September 21-25     Focus question: How do we learn at school?

     week 2             Wow Words: explore, discover, responsible, alert, careful


September 28-October 2    Focus question: How do we get along with others at school?

     week 3              Wow Words: cooperate, share, fair, assist, emotion


October 5-9         Focus question: What makes a good friend?

    week 4              Wow Words: respect, kind, appropriate, patient, courage