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I want to welcome all of you to third grade. My name is Jill Mayes. I will be teaching your child Math and Science. This year will look a little different due to the virus. Students will remain in the same classroom all day. So instead of your child changing classrooms for Language Arts and Social Studies, the teacher will just come to my room to deliver instruction. The computer lab, PE, and library teachers will all come to the classroom as well. This will help to limit the students exposure to various elements and keep them safer. Breakfast and lunch will also take place in the classrooms.  We will make sure that hands are washed regularly and hand sanitizer will be available. I know many parents are extremely nervous about the interaction with others, but we, the teachers and school, will do everything we can to keep your child safe.  Please check your child's booksack daily for any important information that may be sent home.


I feel that it is extremely important to your child's education that we work together. In order for your child to be successful, a few things need to take place: Students should complete all homework and come with it to school the following day. Homework is practice for what will be tested, therefore it is very important. Also, students should have all necessary materials needed for class.  This includes completed homework pages, pencils, and dry erase markers and an eraser for working in class. Without these materials, your child will have difficulty learning to their potential. 


Third grade is very different from previous years of school.  We move at a quicker pace and cover a lot in each subject area.  You can help your child by encouraging them to come to school each day with a sharp mind and a willingness to try.  Every child can succeed if they try their best.



A lot of announcements and class news will sent out through the Remind App. This is a good way for you to communicate with me also. Any messages sent to me are private, even if you respond to a message that was sent out to everyone.


Email is the second best way to contact me. My email address is below.


Mrs. Mayes Contact Information




Phone Number : 332-1270 Ext. 3113

                            **Your phone call will sent directly to voicemail as I                                    am not able to answer phone calls during                                                  instructional time.