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Dear Parents and Students,


I want to let you all know just how much I miss you guys.  I am very sad I could not say bye to you the last day we were at school, but, the good news is I will definitely see you all next school year. For those of you who I could not contact, I want you to know we had 10 beautiful butterflies hatch.  I had to release them and I think they were really happy about that.  They spread their wings and flew to their new journey in life.  That's what I want you guys to do, SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY!!  You are all so amazing and I grew to love each and everyone of you.   




Parents:  If I did not get in touch with you, please email me and I will send work through email for your students to do.


1)  i-Ready  Online Lessons - If your child has access to a computer or tablet, they can log on to  i-ready and complete lessons on there.

I sent names in for students who did not have access to a computer or tablet and the district should be contacting you shortly.


2) You can also access Math videos for the last module that we were unable to complete. Go to the district page, click on Parent Link, Scroll down the right side until you get to Quick Links. Under that section is Eureka Math Help Videos. We were moving into Module 7 but all modules are there for review of materials taught throughout the year.


3) For Science lessons you can access science videos through the links below.        






 MISS  Prejean's Contact Information:




For those of you who saved my cell number when I called you, feel free to call me on that number.  Leave a message please and I will return your call.