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Dear Parents and Students,



 I want to welcome all of you to third grade.  My name is Tina Prejean.  This is my 21st year of teaching.  I will be teaching your child Math and Science.  I am really excited that we will all be back together.  I really missed seeing the precious faces of so many.  This year will look a little different due to the virus.  Students will remain in the same classroom all day.  Only the teachers will switch.  The computer lab, PE, and library teachers will all come to the classroom.  This will keep the students from getting little exposure to outside elements and keep them safer.  Breakfast and lunch will also be done in the classrooms.  We will make sure that hands are washed regularly and hand sanitizer will be available.  I appreciate your trust in allowing your child/children to come back to school.  I know many parents are extremely nervous about the interaction with others, but we, the teachers, will do everything to keep your child safe.  Please check your child's folder daily for any important information that may be sent home and need to be returned to school.


Please feel free to contact me by email anytime.  You will find my email address below. You can also communicate with me through the Remind App.  Many of you have already done so.  If you need help with the App, please email me and I can help you with that.


Again, thank you for trusting us with your child/children.  We love them as well.


God Bless,


Miss Prejean

3rd grade teacher

Breaux  Bridge Elementary




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