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Mrs. McGill


Mrs. Davison


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REMINDER: Please log in to the Parent Portal and complete the two mandatory forms (Media Release & Handbook Acknowledgement) as soon as possible! 



Friday 9/22: PTA BMX Assembly  


This week we will be introducing the letter "Ff." Students will learn what sound the letter F makes and they will come up with words that begin with that letter.  
We will practice writing the letter F and students will be adding to their ABC notebooks.  We will continue writing our first names and we will focus on proper pencil technique.  On Friday, students will bring home the letter F book "Fifi Fish." Your child will come home with a letter book every Friday.  Please keep them together at home and review them together.  We will also talk about how our class is a family.  We will be making friendship bracelets and will go over class rules.



***PLEASE NOTE***If your child stays for extended care he/she must have a separate DISPOSABLE snack and water bottle in a brown paper bag.  If your child does not stay regularly or attends on sporadic days, please send a note in the morning letting me know they will be staying. 





1. Backpacks labled with your child's name placed in cubby

2. Separate snack in ziplock or brown paper bag labled and placed in Snack bin outside classroom

3. Lunch box with 2 napkins inside

4. There is no extended care on early dismissal days

5. Pickup from extended care is now in the cafeteria.  Please check your email from the office for further instructions.