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A fundamental joy in teaching children comes from witnessing their sense of wonder as they explore the many facets of art. Art education in its many forms supports the development of the whole child, enabling social and emotional development, fine motor skills, cognitive development, language skills, critical thinking through discovery and exploration, and boosts self-confidence. I believe passionately that exposure to the arts is essential for our children to learn how to navigate life’s challenges, especially those that they are faced with today.


Students in class will learn to embrace diverse perspectives and approaches to the art making process. They will discover that mistakes are portals to new discoveries, which stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and personal growth. Students will be challenged by utilizing flexible thinking, non-traditional materials, cross-curricular lessons and teamwork. This facilitates students’ understanding that there is more than one successful solution to any given problem.


I look forward to demonstrating the many ways art encompasses our daily lives, the way it transforms us, and how it creates beauty within the world around us. Through observation and reflection, students will learn to explore not only the fundamental principles of art, but will be motivated to perceive the unseen, and experience surrounding details in a new light.