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Welcome to Pre K!

Mrs. Condron
Mrs. Davidson

[email protected] 



***OKTOBERFEST 10/1 @ 7pm***
Don't forget to purchase your tickets on the SLG website.  Its a great night to hang out (without kids) and get to know other SLG parents.   


***Oct 19, 2022 : CLASS TRIP!!!***

Please fill out BOTH SIDES of the permission slip and return to school by Monday October 17th with cash. 


Week of 9/26-9/30 

This week we will be learing about the letter "Aa" Monday is Johnny Appleseeds birthday, we will be learning about Apples and the children will make homemade applesauce in our classroom.  They will help wash the apples, cut them and prepare all the ingredients.  We will also be learning about acorns.  Where do they come from?  Can we find any outside?  This week we will also discuss what a service animal is and why someone might use a service animal.  We will continue to practice writing our names.  Don't forget to practice at home!  The children will be sent home on Friday with their "A" reading booklet.  Keep the booklets together and reveiw them throughout the year.  It is a great way to get the children to practice sounding out words.

We're having so much fun in pre k and this year is in full swing!  The children are really settling into our routines and they are showing such great progress.  Looking forward to another great week!







*  Please send your childs folder back to school everyday

*  Please provide a snack in a ziplock bag labeled with your childs name separate from their lunch.  a brown bag works great too.  It may also help to send 1 water with snack and 1 water with lunch.  The mini plastic bottles work great for snack because they can be disposed of and don't take up alot of room.  snack example: Brown bag (labled) with goldfish and mini water bottle.  We're trying to keep it simple for the children so they don't have to search for their snack and water in different locations.

*  I ask that you please do not take any artwork off the walls in the hallway.  We will send it home in your childs folder.  

* We are always thankful for supplies for our classroom!  Clorox wipes, baby wipes, and tissues are always appreciated!

* We have NO allergies in our classroom!  Which means, no food restrictions.  Throughout the year children will be bringing in special birthday treats for the class to have during snack time.  Please reach out to me if you do not want your child to have the birthday treats during the year.  

* If you are interested in being a class parent please inform the office.


As always feel free to reach out anytime with any questions or concerns. 

Hope you have a great week!