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Welcome to Exploratory Music!


In seventh grade, we will learn music history with a focus on Jazz music.  Jazz musicians are a huge part of music history in America.  We will learn the influences they had on the music you listen to today.  We continue on with the twentieth century timeline in eighth grade when we learn the history of Rock and Roll music.


Get ready to Bucket Drum!! In seventh and eighth grades, we will learn how to read standard notation as well as a percussion staff.  We will be playing the bucket drums - as well as some different varieties of drums.


Let's strum away on our ukuleles!  That's right - we will be playing ukuleles this year and learning how to properly hold, play, and read ukulele chords and music.


Are you interested in music technology?  Do you ever wonder how music is produced for video games, commercials, etc?  Have you ever wondered how to create your own podcast?  All of these lessons are coming your way!


It's going to be a great year!