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  I am Ms. Arleshia McDowell. This is my second year here at Thomas Jefferson Upper Elementary. I am super excited to have a great year with each and everyone of you guys. Weekly tests will be given on Friday and I will send home your child's grade and conduct sheet in the Wedensday folder. If you have any questions please contact me using my remind code @3f96gd or email me at [email protected] 

Thank you!


Week of November 7-November 11


Science Module 2: Ecosystems


lessons 8-14 Movement of Matter 

Student Learning

  • The matter in animals tissue can be traced bacl through plants to air and water. Decomposers breal down matter from dead organisms into substanced that other organisms can use. Decomposers plays a ley role in maintaining healthy ecosystems by returning nutrients to the soil. Within an ecosystem, matter cycles among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment as organisms live and die.



Mission Statement 

The faculty and staff of Thomas Jefferson Upper Elementary pledge to provide learning opportunities that will prepare all students to become successful learners.