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Most student communication and assignments will be done via Google Classroom!!


Google Class Codes


1st period (Physical Science H) - g74ehwy


2nd period (Physical Science H) - zmtqddl


3rd period (Physical Science H) - mpbqenj


6th period (Physical Science H) - i6slbsd









Reminder: Students get bonus points for dressing up for homecoming themed days.









Week At Glance 


 Monday (10/3)

1. Bell Ringer

2. Review of atomic structure of Matter

3. Discuss density as a physical property of Matter


Tuesday (10/4)

1. Bell Ringer

2. Compare density and buoyancy

3. Determine if certain objects float



Wednesday (10/5)


1. Bell Ringer

2. Discuss Archimedes' Principal

3. Practice using Archimedes' Principal


Thursday (10/6)


1. Bell Ringer

2. Compare boiling point, freezing point, and melting point


Friday (10/7)

1. Bell Ringer

2. Review properties of matter



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