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U.S. History Syllabus


Teacher Information:



Room Number and Planning Period:

Mr. Eric Hawkins

[email protected]

Rm. 218, Planning Period: 1st Period


In U.S. History, students explore the evolution of the American Identity and its role in the global community as they learn about the industrialization, consolidation, and corporatization of the United States; foreign policy from imperialism to intervention in World War I; economic prosperity and decline between the world wars; the reassertion of American exceptionalism following World War II and during the Cold War; and the shifting role of the United States in the increasingly intertwined modern global community. The key themes in U.S. History highlight the connections among the GLEs that students should make as they develop and express informed  opinions about the U.S. History claims.

Students will:

  1. Use sources regularly to learn content.

  2. Make connections among people, events, and ideas across time and place

  3. Express informed opinions using evidence from sources and outside knowledge


Required Materials:

  • Notebook Paper or Notebook
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Your School-Issued Chromebook

Optional Materials:

  • Binder or folder


Classroom Expectations and Procedures:

We will follow the school rules outlined in the Student Handbook in addition to these three expectations to be successful in this class:





If students follow the school rules and meet the 3 expectations, they will be successful in the class this year.


Academic Dishonesty:

Academic Dishonesty (Cheating) will not be tolerated in this classroom. You will have PLENTY of opportunities in this class to collaborate in groups. Independent assignments, quizzes and tests, are all INDEPENDENT work that no collaboration will be allowed. Students that are found to be academically dishonest will be given a zero on that assignment and will only be allowed to retake that assignment with the highest possible grade being a 50 along with a phone call/email home to your parents or guardian, coach, band director, etc.


Late Assignments:

If you are absent, you will be given the amount of days that you missed to turn in the assignment late for full credit. Each day after that date 10 points more will be deducted from the grade on that assignment.


Extra Credit:

Every week students will have the opportunity for extra credit to replace their lowest grade that is not a TEST of that week. Students will need to read a news article from any city or town in Louisiana and type or write a brief 6-8 sentence summary of the article and turn in by the end of their class period on Friday (or the last day of that week). This will eliminate students from begging for extra credit at the end of the 9 weeks. You will have 3 extra credit opportunites every 9 weeks.



Leap Test:

It is very IMPORTANT that you pay attention in this course and try your very best on the LEAP 2025 Test. This will be 15 percent of your final grade in this course. If you don’t try on the LEAP 2025 Test and go in with the mindset that you don’t have to pass this test since you’ve passed your Biology test, there is a realistic chance that you will not end up with the desired grade that you want or that you will FAIL this course.