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Week at a Glance: Right now we are finishing up the Ceiling Tile Project!

Each student was given a 2x4ft tile and allowed the opporotunity to decide on the imagery. 
First we took a quick walk around the school to be inspired past student work. 
Then each student brainstormed and sketched their ideas. 
After a few long weeks of hard work they are nearing completion! And the work is wonderful! It shows each students dedication and attention to detail.




Hello and welcome to Talented Art! My name is Matthew Knopps, since graduating from Louisiana Tech in 2014 I have had the pleasure of teaching for Monroe City Schools for 7 years. This will be my second year teaching Talented Art at Wossman High and MLK Junior High, I look forward to a great year! 

Individualism: As an Art Teacher I believe in embracing your individual style. No two people create the same way. We are unique individuals with our own likes and dislikes. Lets find those qualities in ourselves, and use them to make amazing artwork.

Success and Mistakes: Mistakes are a part of the learning process as an artist, and I want us to embrace these moments on our way to success. We must be able to make mistakes as artists in order to grow. 

Learning as a Group: With everything I can teach, the community of the classroom is a blessing. We learn so much from each other. I know this year will be different with virtual learning but please continue to communicate with your classmates. 

See you soon!!



Upcomming Events/Opporotunities:

MLK Students showcased their talents in the Virtual  Art Contest held at MLK Junior High. 
Local artists visited and juried the work. The work remained on view at MLK Junior High and is now on view at the local African American Museum. 

After the break Wossman High School students will dive into Design. Studying clothing design to ultimately create their own artwork to print onto clothing. 

Stay tuned!

 Wossman Class code : wnbyydf

 MLK Junior High School: 7zpzewq




Have a wonderful day!

 Mr. Knopps