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WELCOME BACK Jaguars!Ms. Phillips holding a skull!


My name is Ms. Elizabeth Einglett-Phillips, and I am pleased to be your guide through science and social studies this year! Now, more than ever, knowledge of scientific practices and concepts is vitally important to our future and well-being. In addition, having an understanding of where we cam from and how we got here helps shape our actions in the future. Whether it's participating in the global discussion about climate change, or brainstorming ways to prevent the spread of a virus, or engaging in civic and economic practices in your community, what you learn in 5th grade science and social studies is crucial and relevant. As a student at J.S. Clark, you will take science and social studies wherever you go! 


How? You will participate in investigations, debates, and collaborations! The knowledge, practices, and skills that you acquire this year will open your eyes to a new understanding of the world around you. The questions and knowledge that you share with me and your classmates will illuminate your sense of wonder and provide mutually beneficial discourse in class (and hopefully around your dinner table too). Listed below are just some of the topics we will explore this year:



Science                                                                Social Studies

Matter and Its Interactions                                                  The Characteristics of Civilization
Ecosystems                                                                               Ancient Civilizations
Earth Systems                                                                          Native Americans
Orbit and Rotation                                                                  Columbian Exchange
                                                                                                     French and Indian War                


Please visit my other pages (links on the left) to find out information about what lessons we are exploring, the homework that is due, course expectations (syllabus), curriculum materials, and contact information. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you this year!


Ms. Elizabeth Phillips