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Welcome to the Monroe City Schools Department of Occupational and Physical Therapy. We serve all schools in the district, homebound students, and natural environment students. We work with students who have IEP's and qualify for school therapy through the evaluation process. We love our students and enjoy working to improve their school experience.



Please see the OT/PT Home Resources link to see all our staff and contact information, as well as, useful links to use with your child at home during this time. 




Pick and Choose which activities you would like to do. I highly recommend you pick the first activity! Stay safe and warm.  


Play in the Snow with all your Senses 

 Handwriting Activities

Copy of Winter Animal Walks

Attachment_ PDF_ hax_Build a Snowman Sequence.pdf

Copy of Build a Snowman! Click & Drag = Wh Questions

Copy of Winter Snowflake Mazes

Copy of Click & Drag - Arctic Prepositions





Welcome back to school! 


Please check back to see scheduled virtual OT sessions. We are working very closely with teachers and administrators to make sure OT sessions do not overlap with instructional time.  Please email me with any questions :