The book fair will be coming to Magnolia Elementary October 2-6! Your child will visit the book fair twice during their library time. Please make checks out to Magnolia Elementary. The books will also be available to purchase in the cafeteria on Family Fun night. Rather shop online? Visit our book fair website and place your order from the comfort of your home.

 I am also taking any donations for our arts and crafts projects we will be doing in the library this year. It is called STEAM. We will be creating lots of cool arts and crafts, like building famous structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows! We will be researching these structures before we build. So any donations would be greatly appreciated: toothpicks, clay, playdoh, old legos, qtips, construction paper, washable finger paint, stamp pads, pasta, marshmallows, pipe cleaners, string, yarn, paper plates, plastic cups Thanks in advance to those of you who have already donated!!!!!! You are greatly appreciated.





I am so excited for this school year. The goal of the Magnolia Elementary Library is to create life-long readers. There will be lots of reading, writing, questioning, and creating during your student's library time. Their brains will be working hard. Please talk with your child about their time in the library each week. Also, grades 1st-6th will have library books they have checked out each week. Have them tell you about their books to check for their understanding and knowledge. Remind them that they need their books every week in order to get a new one. Please make sure they don't leave their books at home. Students will take quizzes on their books and earn points for a grade in Accelerated Reader for their ELA block.