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Common Sense Library Policies for

Overdue, Missing, and Lost/Destroyed Books


Things happen! 

Your child might have accidentally left

his or her book home on library day,

your dog might have discovered that a second grade chapter book

makes a great chew toy, or somehow your child's book has just

mysteriously disappeared. 


Here's what to expect if your little one's book goes temporarily

(or permanently) missing:


  • Week 1 - If your child forgets to bring his or her book to library class, I will send a friendly reminder note home in your child's folder which will list the book title.  
  • Week 2 - If your child forgets his or her book for a second week, I will send home a friendly reminder letter to you indicating that the book is missing.  I will tell you when it was checked out, the title, and the replacement cost. This is not a request for payment at this point as it's always my hope that the book turns up.  I find that in most cases it does!  
  • Week 3 - 4 - If the book still hasn't turned up, your options at this point are to replace the book or send in the replacement fee.  If there is ever a need to discuss anything directly with me, please do not hesitate to email me at any time at [email protected]


While your child has a library book checked out that hasn't been returned,

rest assured that he or she is still given full access to library books and materials

while in library class.  I only ask that students leave their new selection

with me at the end of class - I will exchange it with them

upon return/replacment of the missing book.