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Preschool-3rd Grade


Mrs. Dana Calicchio

[email protected]





3rd-8th Grade



Winter Session 



 Winter 2023 Vocal Ensemble Sign Up.pdf 


Next Rehearsal-

Thursday, Janaury 26th 2:30-3:45pm






Composer of the Week:

Sergei Prokofiev

1st Grade: Peter and the Wolf 

Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra: Peter and the Wolf | Providence Media


 2nd Grade: Carnival of the Animals

(Camille Saint-Saens)

Carnival of the Animals - Poster Visual LARGE POSTER LEDGER (11X17) SIZE




3rd Grade: Dance of the Knights 

(Romeo and Juliet)

Romeo & Juliet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Sadler's Wells. Review by Julia  Pascal. –


Instrument of the Week:

Orchestra Families

Link Up Instrument Families | Carnegie Hall





Concepts the Students will be

listening to/learning this Month:


- New Years Celebration!

-Music Theory

(Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Eighth Note, Half Note)

(Treble Clef and Notes on the Staff)

- Martin Luther King Jr

(Peace, Love and Equality)


(Cold, Snow and Hibernation)

- Stretchy Band

- BoomWhackers





Musical Motivational Quotes | Facebook





Our classroom is a...

hands-on, interactive, loving environment. 


We will share a love for music whether we are

listening, singing, dancing, making, or playing

our music. Child Singer Kid Super Star Americas got Talent Born Sing Quote  Inspirational Music Quotes Notes Song Songs Instruments Melody Love Decals  Decal Vinyl Art Stickers for Bedrooms Rooms Size (18x20 inch) :



 Through-out the year we will work on

common themes such as:

(Pre-K thru 1st Grade)


C Scale

Steady Beat

Vocal Exploration

Call and Response

Solfege Hand Signs

Instrument Exploring

Simple Songs and Fingerplays


In addition to:

(1st-3rd Grade)




Note Reading

Listening Maps








Welcome to Music Class!

I am so excited to share my love of music with the children.


In Music, we will:

-sing songs

-keep the beat

-play instruments

-move to music

-read music notes

-listen and appreciate music



If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at:

[email protected]




-To smile while learning

-To bring happiness to the children

-To make music

To be creative

-To dance and have fun

-To learn new things about music




Music Kids


I look forward to making music with your children!

-Mrs. Dana Calicchio