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Welcome to Preschool Music!




Our goal with this program is to give every child an opportunity to:

 sing, play, imagine, move, create and make music!






We will begin remote learning

week of March 16th - present.

Please use the links below to have your child enjoy our music classes.

 We all need music and an outlet to express ourselves.


   Music Class 1:


Music Class 2:


   Music Class 3:


         Music Class 4:


 Music Class 5:


Music Class 6:


     Music Class 7:


   Music Class 8:


    Music Class 9:


    Music Class 10:




     Music Class 11:


       Music Class 12:


       Music Class 13:


    Music Class 14:


       Music Class 15:


       Music Class 16:


          Music Class 17:


       Music Class 18:


       Music Class 19:


       Music Class 20:


     4 Year Old Classes-

        Please practice for promotion using this video:


    3 Year Old Classes-

  (Songs they are familiar with)


        Music Class 21:



Thank you for coming on this musical journey with me!







Hymn of St. Patrick:

Archipelago: St. Patrick's Breastplate Hymn Lyrics for a Hymn from ...


                Words Fail Music Speaks                                                                   Natural Sharp                                              




Some of the instruments we will be using on a regular basis:

Rhythm Sticks, Egg Shakers, Bells, Drums, Tambourines, Maracas 



Music Kids


I look forward to making music with your children!

-Mrs. Dana Calicchio