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Welcome to Preschool Music!




Our goal with this program is to give every child an opportunity to:

 sing, play, imagine, move, create and make music!


My Heart's Song: Hello October - Meet Our Rescued Kitty


We have been having so much fun

singing and dancing to music this past month!


The boys and girls will now be learning about;

Call and Response 

Some examples:

Who you gonna call?.....GHOSTBUSTERS!

To Infinity.....AND BEYOND!




Call and Response is great for kids to learn songs.


And of course we've been using our imaginations and making some witches brew and going on adventures into haunted houses and caves!






Steady Beat

The Beat is the Heart of Music!

They will keep a steady beat through

chants, movement and instrument playing.

Ask your child to show you their

Steady Heart Beat Song.


After we say our prayers, we take a moment to

calm down and bring our heart beat to a steady beat

by gently tapping over our heart as we sing:


"My heart will be blessed

with the sound of music

and I'll sing once more..."






I am very excited to sing and make music with your children this year!


To make the most of our class, I have put together an individual music kit for each student.


The music kit includes:

-Egg Shakers

-Rhythm Sticks

-Rhythm Scarf

-Sand Block


These kits will allow us to make music the whole time AND stay safe! :)




Hello September 2020!


Let's start by staying safe and learning proper hygiene habits.

We will learn some fun songs about hand washing. Maybe your child already sings "The Alphabet" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" at the sink. Why not learn some more!



We will learn about our "4 Voices"


                                                                  - Speak

                                                                  - Sing

                                                                  -Shout (Kids Favorite!)



 What else can we do with our voices?

                                                                   -Animal noises


                                                                   -Roller Coasters

                                                                   -Baby Cry










Some of the instruments we will be using on a regular basis:

Rhythm Sticks, Egg Shakers, Bells, Drums, Tambourines, Maracas 



Music Kids


I look forward to making music with your children!

-Mrs. Dana Calicchio