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   I am Millicent Bridges-Johnson or Mrs. Johnson. I am currently the Gifted/Honors Instructor @ Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High. I love literature and writing! I hope to pass this love to your children everyday in my classroom.

   I believe in training leaders. I have high expectations for your children in both academics and behavior. I believe that they have the potential to change the world and I treat them as such everyday!

    I have two degrees. My first degree is a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies. My second degree is a Masters in Educational Leadership. I love everything about teaching and training the next generation of leaders and I am honored to do so. 




Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at the following: 

Email: [email protected]

School Phone: 318-387-1825 Ext. 2276



Class Schedule: 

First Bell: 7:20 am

Homeroom/First Period: 7:24 am-8:16 am

Second Period: 8:19 am-9:07 am

Third Period: 9:10 am -9:58 am 

Fourth Period: 10:01 am- 10: 49 am

Fifth Period: 10:52 am-11:40 am

Sixth Period for 8th Grade:11:43 am- 12:31 pm (7th Grade Lunch Shift)

8th Grade Lunch Shift: 12:31 pm- 1:04 pm

Seventh Period: 1:07 pm-1:55 pm

Eighth Period: 1:58 pm- 2:45 pm



We are Wildcats on the P.R.O.W. L.!


Providing Rigorous and relevant Opportunities in instruction that Will enhance Learning