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Second Grade Summer Reading List.pdf     






Welcome to 2nd Grade! I am so happy to have you in my class this year. 


 We have library check outs weekly, but students will not be allowed to get new books until they have taken an AR test on any currently checked out books. Your child is allowed to have 2 checked out books at a time. If they are not returned, they will not be allowed to check out new books at their next check-out oppurtunity. 


  Please make sure that your child has their book at school throughout the week so that they are able to check out a new book once the time comes.

   You can check their progress for AR at home through their Accelerated Reader account. They should never have below 90% average of accuracy on AR tests. If they are below 90%, they are at risk of not meeting their AR goal for the nine weeks. Please make sure your child is taking at least 2 tests a week at school and reading their book regularly at home. 



Resources to use at home for Math:  - ** all students have usernames and passwords and it is free to access.

Zearn --> all students need to sign-in to Zearn using their Clever account.

click HERE   to login to clever.

1. Once you click on the link, you should see "Monroe City School District" at the top of the page and a box that says "Log in with Google"

2. Click " Log in with Google"

3. Your student will login with their username which is [email protected]

4. Then type in their password which is their lunch # with an added 0 at the end.

5. Click on the Zearn App. and then click Start for them to begin their lesson.

--> students should be able to do this independently around the 2nd nine weeks.


-Note***-You can only access Zearn on the Chrome browser. Internet Explorer browser is not compatible for the Zearn program. 



REFLEX Math-- accessible through Clever Login. Reflex is used daily in the classroom to enrich student's math fact fluency. 


PRODIGY MATH- accesible throught Clever Login. Prodigy is FUN and engaging. Students are allowed to play at home if you have the technology to access it. 


Resources for MATH homework help:

YouTube --> Type in Module #, Lesson #, and Grade 2


YouTube - Module 1 Lesson 1 and Grade 2 

** This will show you a breakdown of the methods we use in class and it is very informative for you and your child.**


Resources for Reading:

 Please use this class code kqk4449 at and start using Epic, our digital library. This is a fun place for students read extra books or even watch educational videos. You will find that most of these books are AR books.


I highly encourage letting your child check out AR books from the public library. Please make sure they are getting books that are appropriate for their Reading Level. If you are unsure of their reading level, please contact me through email or Remind and I will let you know.


You can get on to check book point values, reading levels, etc. This website will allow you to find out if the book is an AR book. **Not all books are in the AR system.



Best ways to contact me:

Remind App:  --> Class Code is   @reuther123

Email: --> [email protected]

You will not be able to join the class, if you do not enter your child's name when joining. 


 ** Please note that I will not be by my classroom phone during the day as this is a distraction to myself and the students. The best way to contact me during the day is through my email**


Things to know:


Test days usually fall on Thursday and Friday.


If you know that your child will be absent due to a trip or illness, please let me know so that I can prepare things for them. If you would like anything to be sent home for make-up work, please let me know in advance so that I have time to prepare materials for them


Thank you for your support,



Ms. Reuther