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                  Welcome 9th Graders to THE WOSSMAN HIGH SCHOOL


I am excited to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year. It is great having you to be a student at "Dub Nation"!! This is my 4th year here and the beginning of my 26th year as an Educator.


I hope that your experience will be a great one. I hope that you are willing to work hard and achieve your goals to be successful scholars and achievers now and throughout your high school years. 



 Progress Reports will be given during our 1st Parent Conference Night,

October 21, 2021



                                       Ms Yolanda Harris's Class Codes


These classcodes will be used to access google assignments that will be submitted electronically.  Please check your Google Classroom pages regularly to see if there is an announcement ot an assignment. Observe due dates and all written instructions. If our face to face instructions change, we will rely on Zoom meetings and of course, Google Classroom to connect in the virtual space.




1st period                   Integrated Math I      Google Code     pbsda83


2nd period                  Math Essentials       Google Code     ulxtifc


3rd period          Planning Period-------------------------------------------------------------



4th period                   Math Essentials        Google Code   egrat6z


5th period                   Integrated Math I      Google Code   wezwkj7


6th period                   Integrated Math I      Goodle Code   g2u4hy2


7th period                   Integrated Math I      Google Code   4oj7yg7



          GO WILDCATS!!!!!