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Pre-K Schedule for Remote Learning

 (Only if your child is feeling well enough to participate)


9:15 Live Session

Join your child’s class for morning activities with teachers and friends

Click the Link Below:

Zoom link here   



Tactile Time

Journal Entries:




 1. Try practicing letters in your alphabet journal. 




2. Trace the letters and make them using rainbow colors. 




3. Try drawing a picture of something that starts with each letter- For example: A -Apple, B- Bear, C-Cat




4. Draw a picture of yourself- try to write your own name!




5. Draw a picture of your family. Can you say each family member’s name?




6. Observational Drawing: Look out the window- Can you draw what you see? A tree, a car, the sun, the grass, etc. 



9:30-10:30 Choice Board Activities 

Please choose 1-2 choice board activities to complete each day located in the remote learning packet. 


10:30-11:30  Snack and Outside Time

If you are not able to get outside choose a Creative Curriculum Learning Game located in the remote learning packet. 


11:30- 12:00 Read Aloud

Choose a story to read at home or select a read aloud from the Virtual Activities Link located on your teacher’s webpage


12:00-12:30 Lunch


12:30-1:30 Rest Time

Allow your child to take a nap or enjoy some quiet activities such as the Pre-K Journal or Letter Writing Practice located in the remote learning packet.  


1:30-2:00 Music/Movement

Listen to your child’s favorite music, play an instrument, or choose a music/movement from the Virtual Activities Link located on your teacher’s webpage. 




Hands on Learning Activities:

1. Dramatic Play- Make puppets using household items and host a puppet show.


2. Music- Make music using instruments and household items- have a marching band around the house.


3. Language and Physical Movement- Practice following directions...Play Simon says, red light/green light, or copy cat to have your child practice following directions and using his/her body.


4. Cooking- Choose a recipe to make with you child. Have them assist with gathering ingredients, cooking materials, and using his/her hands to follow the recipe. 


5. Art/Sensory- Paint using water color paints, finger paints, pudding, scented lotion, shaving cream, corn syrup and food coloring. Allow your child to get messy and engage in a fun sensory activity. 


6. Literacy-Try making letters of the alphabet or in your child's name. Make letters using playdough, sticks, straws, string, legos, buttons, etc. 


7. Math- Go on a Counting Scavenger Hunt- Ask your child to find 1 teddy bear, 2 cars, 3 dolls, 4 blocks, 5 crayons, 6 shoes, 7 spoons, etc. 


Music/Movement Activities

Hello Song

 Koo Koo Kangaroo Double Scoop

Count with Me 1-20

 Let's be Super Heroes

 Boom Chicka Boom

Jack Hartman Alphabet Song

Way Up High in an Apple Tree

Exercise, Rhyme, and Freeze

Color Words in Spanish

If you’re Happy and You Know It