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Happy June!


It is nice that the weather has finally cleared up enough to get outside. We and the children are much happier.

We have finished our Buildings study and have moved on to the study of sand.


beach sandbeach sand x1000



We made a chart to help guide us through our study. It includes:


What we know about sand:     sand is different colors, it's crunchy, and soft, it comes from differendt places such as the beach, inlet, desert,  and sandbox. We know that birds and turtles will make nests and lay thier eggs in sand.


What we want to know:          Where does sand come from (that is what is it made of)?, How does it get to the beach?, What happens to sand when it gets wet?


what we have learned:          Sand is made of crushed (smooshed) rocks, shells, crystals, and lava. It is crushed by water and being "banged". Throughout our study, we will add more to our chart.


We will be observing, expirementing with and researching to find the answers to our questions.


Along with our sand study we will be studying our alphabet, specifically letters H and R and j, the # 6, counting, colors black and white, the shape crescent, sequencing stories and events, spatial concepts and much more...


sandlava (black)sand x 1000