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            Welcome to Ms. Therese, and Ms. Liz's Class!




Ms. Therese has 3 children. Her oldest two children are grown, married and living in different states. Ms. Therese lives in Brigantine with her husband, Brian, and youngest daughter who is attending Brigantine Schools. Ms. Therese lived in Virginia for many years where she found her love for teaching preschool (especially 3 year olds).



Ms. Liz lives in Brigantine with her husband. She has a son who serves in the US Coast Guard and so, sadly, does not get to see him as often as she'd like. Ms. Liz has been an Aide for Brigantine Schools in many different grade levels.for the past 15 years.



 If you have any questions or needs please call or email:

[email protected],  609-264-9501