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Hello Families!!!


Happy May!!


This month we are finishing our study on buildings. We have been reading, watching and observing different types of buildings (schools, houses, graineries, castles, yurts, teepee's +++), what buildings have in common (doors, windows, roofs etc), what buildings are made of ( grass, sticks, bricks, rocks, dirt, canvas etc) and where buildings can be found. We have been designing our own buildings using playdough, blocks, duplos and boxes. 


Along with our building study we have been learning about the letters K and E, the color purple, #5, spatial concepts of over, under, through, around, rhyming and alliteration, earhtworms and composting, plus the shape oval.


Next week we will be adding the shape crescent, continuing # 5 and adding #6,  letters H and R, and the color black, plus Mother's Day.


At the end of the month we will be adding a study of sand.


Remember to check back for more info, notices and reminders throughout the month.