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rubber band ball

We have finished up with our study on balls by making our own ball out of rubber bands. Ask you child if it bounced.


During the rest of April we will be talking, reading and studying April Showers (bring May flowers), Peter Rabbit and Benjaming Bunny, Spring, Buildings, Ovals, Letters K and E, #5 , spatial concepts- through, around, over, under etc. , earth worms- ask your child what they do to help our environment (make our dirt/soil rich so we can grow our gardens), fiddler crabs along plus learning how to cooperate and take turns.

April 11th and 12th: Parent-Teacher Conferences 1pm dismissal

April 18th: Spring Party 11:45, 1pm dismissal

April 19th-29th Spring Break



Have a great month and check back incase there are updates.