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Patty Palmer- Deep Space Sparkle


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McHarper Manor

Mo Willems- Lunch Doodles

Draw Everyday with JJK

Cincinnati Zoo- draw along with the Home Safari


Please click on the Flexible Instruction Days K-3 or 3-5 tab in the left column or the links below and find lessons to continue instruction for students enrolled in Kindergarten, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Art. Depending on your child and their own pacing, the lesson may be completed in one session or over multiple sessions.


 Pacing Suggestion -- 20-30 Minutes Per Day


Art Check-in Exit Ticket


 2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets (1) (1) (1).pdf rainy day activities kindness rocks painting how to make moving fish -summer cards -How to draw a symmetrical butterfly - How to create a collage - How to create collage papers How to draw a mandala

Click on the Art tab  ABCya!  To practice color, shapes and patterns


Click on appropriate Grade Level K-5

Scroll to Skill tab

Click on these lessons:

 Color, Draw and Paint

 Shapes and Colors Bingo

 Magic Mirror Paint

 Pixel Art


Free printable coloring pages

If you love coloring this is a great place to go and find a piece to color your heart out!

Great art project ideas. 100's of ideas of projects you can work on at home. Tessellations, recycled sculptures, fancy lettering, origami/paper-folding, and more!  coloring pages, videos, games, and lots of other fun things to do.  Step-by-step simple drawing lessons.  learn about the life of the fun artist Keith Haring and be inspired by his unique style by creating your own graffiti style art.  The name sounds like it's just for younger students , however this website has ideas for all levels.  There's a range of interesting tools, and the best way to discover what they can do is to simply try them. Click one of the icons at the bottom of the screen, then move and click your mouse to make a cool abstract composition. If you can't save the creation, try taking a screen grab of it.  Great website to learn about digital art and important math concepts. There are games about other subjects too-Math, Language Arts, Music,...  Excellent! Fun interactive website with great art ideas.  Lots of fun interactive activities-drawing lessons, games, videos and tutorials.  Lots of great drawing prompts that can be printed or followed on line.


 https://www.drawingnow.comTons of drawing tutorials for students of all ages to practice drawing all different things- popular cartoon, movie and video game characters, animals, manga, anime and people.  On line painting-free!  Cool platform using colors, patterns and text to create original digital artworks.  Videos and games for elementary grades

Click on scribble and ink tab, or Art Studio tab or Hero Maker tab.  free on line coloring pages



 Please see left margin of this website for FID lessons and links to additional websites.

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