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Welcome to ART!



"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for"

Georgia O'Keeffe





 Have available art materials for your child, such as paper, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, erasers, glue stick and scissors for them to access for free drawing and use of imagination and creativity and see where it takes is the limit!




Mrs. Sona Santagato

Art Teacher Kiel School

[email protected]




1.          Click on the Art tab


2.  ABCYA....    To practice color, shapes and patterns


Click on appropriate Grade Level

Scroll to Skill tab

Click on these lessons:


Color, Draw and Paint

Shapes and Colors Bingo

Magic Mirror Paint

Pixel Art


3.           Free printable coloring pages










8.   Great website to learn about digital art and important math concepts. There are games about other subjects too-Math, Lanuage Arts, Music,...






11.  52 Weeks of Creative Ideas.pdf 


12.       Videos and games for lower elementary grades


Click on  Scribble and Ink tab

Click on Art Studio

Click on Hero Maker


13.     Excellent! Fun interactive website with great art ideas


14.   Step-by-step simple drawing lessons     The name sounds like it's just for younger students , however this website has ideas for all levels.


16.    If you love coloring this is a great place to go and find a piece to color your heart out!


17.    Great art project ideas. 100's of ideas of projects you can work on at home. Tessellations, recycled sculptures, fancy lettering, origami/paper-folding, and more!


18.    Tons of drawing tutorials for students of all ages to practice drawing all different things- popular cartoon, movie and video game characters, animals, manga, anime and people.