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Hi 7th Graders!


*** 7th grade meets on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY this week of April 13th. 


                                   You are DAY A and will meet at 11 AM - 11:25 AM     




I will be inviting you to a meeting through eproviding  you with  a link on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. So because you're DAY A, you will join the meeting at 11AM Monday. You will enter a "waiting room" from the link I sent you, and then I will come into the meeting. SO just wait until I get "there". This meeting will just be to communicate expectations of the new online learning. DO NOT SHARE the MEETING LINK with anyone. You will be muted when in the meeting, unless I "unmute" you. There is a feature to "raise your hand" if you need to speak. If there are technical issues, we will try to work it out on Monday. You can always email me if you have any questions. See you MONDAY!



Thank you for navigating to my website page on ONCOURSE. Here on this page, I will provide you videotaped lessons, just as if we were in class. You can watch them anytime on your music day. There may be some followup questions or a YouTube sheet like the ones I give you in class.(You can use your OWN Plain PAPER for YouTube sheets.) Just email me with your responses and I will mark you complete, give you credit for your work, and answer any questions you may have! Enjoy the lessons! 

Mrs. Sulling


Lesson For March 30-31 : Swing! For this, just watch the videos and complete a YouTube sheet (can be on a blank piece of paper) for JUST the YOUTUBE portion. Write the title of the YouTube video, the Chapter is JAZZ, today's date, and a description of the video. Then Email me what you wrote. You could even take a pic and Email it if thats easier.


Lesson For April 1-2: Duke Ellington: Watch the first video  and then watch After watching the YouTube video "It Don't Mean A Thing"... write out a "YouTube sheet" (it can be a blank piece of paper). Send me your YouTube sheet. I am mostly looking for the description of the video you saw. Thank you!