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It is hard to believe that we are almost in October.  Time is flying by! 



We have started to get used to our classroom routines and expectations. We are still working on bringing all our materials when we switch classes and bringing everything home that we need for homework. If your child has not completed their homework they will be coming home with a pink Homework Alert form.  I ask that you please sign it, have them complete the assignment(s) they missed, and bring it back to school the next day.  As I mentioned at Back to School Night, they are expected to read for 30 minutes a night (M – Th), fill in their reading log, and write down their thoughts on at least 3 sticky notes.


 We have started to use our computers in the classroom.  Please remind them on a daily basis that they need to charge their chromebooks.  They also need to shut it down, not just sign out.  We want to ensure that the battery will last throughout the day.  If your child has a cell phone or Smart Watch, it needs to be on silent mode, or turned off during the day.  It should remain in their backpacks throughout the day.   



We have started band lessons.  Please remind your child to look at the schedule to see which day they have lessons and be sure their instrument is in school on that day, along with Thursdays, which is band practice.  They should also be checking the schedule to see what time they have lessons so they can arrive at them on time.  It is their responsibility to find out what they missed in class and to make up that work. 



Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I am still in the process of administering Running Records to establish a current reading level.  I will relay all that information to you at conferences.  If I feel there are any pressing matters or issues, I will reach out to you prior to that.