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   In reading workshop we are doing so much reading, thinking,writing ,and talking!   The students are building their stamina as readers and deepening their thinking about the books we read together and the ones they read independently.   We will be starting book clubs shortly.  We will be  reading book club books and independent books.  We will typically set a reading plan on Monday and have until Wednesday morning to finish that reading. Then set a new plan on Wednesday that is due Friday.  Please remember, they should be reading independently for at least 30 minutes a night and should be writing sticky notes about the ideas they have about the text they are reading.   If they finish their book club book and have not read for 30 minutes they can read their independent book.  They will be talking with their book club on Padlet and in Zoom meetings.  

  In writing we started working on essays.  We will begin with literary essays.  We watched a video called The Panyee Football Club, it is an inspirational story about a group of boys who started a team in Thailand.  The students  have been  utilizing many skills from reading workshop to help them analyze the story.  From there we generated a lot of ideas about the text and the students picked one to prove in an essay.  We will begin to collect evidence and take our essay through the entire writing process.  Then we will move onto reading short stories and writing a literary essay about one of their choice.

  In order to keep you more informed about what is going on in the classroom, I plan to send home some progress reports.  These reports will let you know about your child’s week in my class.  It will include their attendance, late assignment, missing assignments, and other general information.  I have noticed lately that some students are marking assignments as done, however they are not submitting the work, or some are submitting blank documents.  I am hopeful that if they are aware that we are working together, they will understand the importance of the assignments and being honest.  I have also noticed how hard some kids are working and I want to be sure parents are aware of that as well.