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2020-21 school year


World History & PE       

Mr. Billy Dreher  


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I have taught and Coached for over 18 years at various schools (taught: Civics, Geography, History, Biology, PE & Health)



Head Boys and Girls Basketball Coach at Springfield


listed below are what will go on in the follwoing classes for WH & PE













 Welcome to World History class we will learn about the world before modern times, prehistory – A.D. 1500- present day. Topics included are as follows, but not limited to: Early Civilization, Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration, Enlightenment, French Revolution, Industrialization, Imperialism, WWI, WW II, Cold War & current issues.




Basis for Semester Grades:                                                       Weighted Grades:

Every Class


  1. A.      Bellwork                                                                    40% Major Grades
  2. B.      Notes                                                                         35% Assessed for Accuracy     
  3. C.      Projects                                                                     10% Participation
  4. D.      Participation/Discussion                                            15% Mid-Term/Final Exam               
  5. E.       Quizzes/Tests                                                                                  
  6. F.       Current Events


Class Rules:


  1. 1.       Be in your seat when the bell rings.
  2. 2.       Bring all materials to class.
  3. 3.       Follow directions the first time given.
  4. 4.       Show respect for your teacher and your classmates.
  5. 5.       Stay seated in your assigned seat at all times unless given permission by a teacher.




  1. 1.       Verbal Warning
  2. 2.       Call home
  3. 3.       Minor Infraction/Punish Work
  4. 4.       Office Referral
  5. 5.       Flagrant violations are addressed in the office immediately.












 At this time we will be unable to dress out for PE. So, instead of typical participation in sports at this time we will be using our PE class as a Study Hall. Students will meet with me in an assigned classroom where we will have access to computers to work on classwork from other classes or be able to participate in a FREE ACT prepatory class.




Best way to reach me  [email protected]



Billy Dreher