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Healthy Water Intake!

    Water is essential to our bodies. Often we tend to neglect the importance of consistent and proper hydration. Hydration is especially important in forming and developing our youth. Water is a need in our lives, we can ingest plenty nutrient dense foods, but without water there is limited positive use or implementation of those essential nutrients. Water is often a neglected need for our bodies. Our youth especially is not consuming over half their body weight in ounces of water daily. Research shows our bodies need and are consistently using water at a fast a pace due to the numerous metabolic processes our bodies complete daily in order to function properly. The benefits of proper hydration are endless. Please explore some great benefits of proper hydration bellow. 
Increased Cognition!
Water helps increase overall alertness and cognition. Those that are consistently hydrated have an increased vascularity to the brain thus promoting the amount of oxygen that is delivered to our brain cells.
Better Moods!
Water is also been proven to be a driving factor behind the physiological "drip" or release of our essential mood based neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin). Without proper hydration positive moods will decrease due to a lower release rate of our essential neurotransmitters that influence these feelings. 
Increased Digestion!
Water is the driving factor and influence behind peristalsis. This is the movement of waste through our intestines and digestive track. When hydrated our digestion system has much less work to complete when breaking down foods and extracting nutrients. 
Increased metabolism!
Water is known to overall stimulate and increase the chemical processes that are going on daily and consistently within our bodies. Water is a driving force to a high and increased basal metabolism. 
Overall feeling Better (:
When hydrated, people just simply tend to feel better! When the muscles and skeletal system are dehydrated often people will begin to experience physical fatigue or subtle aches and pains. Head aches are often also associated with dehydration even at the low and early stages. It is ESSENTIAL that we as nutrition and health advocates to recognize the need for water in our bodies.