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Directions: Complete 1 activity for homework. Make sure ALL of  your words are spelled correctly and your homework is neat!


5x each

Write all 15 of your words 5 times each in columns!

Fancy Fonts

Type all 15 of your spelling words using different fonts for each word. Print and hand in.

Vowel Spotlight

Write out each of your 15 words and highlight the vowels in each spelling word.

Telephone Words

First write out 5 of your spelling words, then use a telephone/cellphone keypad and translate each of the letters into numbers to create a code.

Ex. apple 27753

ABC Order

Alphabetize all 15 of your spelling words and write them in a column.


Write all 15 of your spelling words in your best and neatest cursive handwriting.

Rainbow Words

First write all 15 of your spelling words in pencil then trace over them using 2 different colored pencils.


Pick 5 words and use them in a complete sentence.


***Please keep this in your folder to reuse each week.