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To ensure we have a friendly and welcoming classroom that provides each student the opportunity to learn, our class will adhere to the following rules:

1. Be respectful to others.

2.Raise your hand to speak.

3. Clean up after yourself.

4. Keep your hands to yourself.

5. Behave in the hallway.

6. Use inside voices.

7. Stay on task and follow the directions.

8. Ask questions if you are confused.

9. Give your best effort.

10. Have fun!


Each student will have a color chart to monitor their behavior. Everyday each student starts out on 'Ready to Learn'. If they display exceptional behavior they can move their color to 'Outstanding'. For 'Ready to Learn' they will receive 1 check mark and for 'Outstanding' they will receive 2 check marks. Once a student has reached 30 check marks they are able to choose a special classroom reward. If a student has trouble following the classroom rules they will be asked to move their card to 'Warning'. If a student continues to exhibit poor behavior they will be moved to 'Teacher's choice' where they will be asked to write an action plan on how they correct their actions. And if a student continues to show a lack of behavioral improvement they will move their card to 'Contact Parent'. At this point I will reach out to the individual parent to come up with a plan to correct classroom behaviors.