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Hello and welcome to Mrs. Schlereth's website! Here at Middle Township Middle School we are 100% dedicated to teaching our students how to succeed in all facets of education including academic, social and emotional. Even more importantly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to keeping our pupils safe. Wearing masks, adhering to social distancing policies and utilizing virtual methods of instruction will be the main focus as we start this 2020-2021 school year. 


As an ICS (In-Class Support) teacher, the overall goal is to work together with my cooperating staff members in order to create an environment where everyone feels intelligent, safe, valued and respected. Furthermore, our classroom climate will be centered upon high expectations for achievement and will be conducive to student progress. By using unique strategies and positive reinforcement in the classroom, our students will experience high levels of engagement and learning. On behalf of our students becoming active participants in society someday, as educators it is our duty to provide them with the proper tools and mindset to become successful in an ever-changing world. 


Students will be graded on participation, homework, classwork, projects, quizzes and tests. In order to ensure comprehension of material, students will be frequently assessed using both formal and informal methods. I advise all parents and guardians to check PowerSchool at least once a week. Moreover, I encourage you to stay current with the school information which will be posted almost daily on your students Google Classroom pages. Please feel free to reach out anytime that you have questions or concerns. I look forward to an outstanding year with all of you! 


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