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RC English I


Unit 1 – Understanding the 4 Genres of Literature and Writing


Students will read works of fiction, nonfiction, drama and poetry with similar themes and realistic plots to become better readers: connect with text, ask questions, make predictions, interpret text, extend text, and challenge text. They will also focus on plot, setting, suspense, conflict, and irony.


Students will learn that there are different genres of literature and a variety of types of writing so that in the long run students will be able to read and distinguish amongst nonfiction, fiction, drama, and poetry as well as write descriptive, narrative, and expository.



Unit 2 – Understanding Mystery and Suspense


Analyze how complex characters developed over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the plot, or develop the theme.



Unit 3 – Challenges and Choices (Drama)


Students will understand that people react differently in challenging times and situations.



Unit 4 – Heroes and Journeys


The students will identify the characteristics of a hero. They will then see our cultural influences and become more aware of the heroes that surround us today.





Tests/Projects/Essays = 100 points

Quiz/Writing Assignments = 50 points

Classwork/Homework = 20 points

Participation/Preparation = 10 points


Class Rules


1. Respect is the most important! Respect each other, your teacher and your school.

2. All students should be seated and ready to begin class when the bell rings. A student late toc lass 3 times will receive a teacher detention. I will also contact parents if lateness to class becomes persistent. Class ends with the teacher’s dismissal. You must remain in your seat until the bell rings! Failure to do so will result in an after school detention.

3. All students are expected to bring their notebook/binder, pen/pencil and laptop to class every day. Being prepared is essential to your success in my class!

4. All students are expected to follow all school policies especially with respect, tardiness, attendance and academic honesty.

5. Sleeping and cell phone use during my class is unacceptable.


Make-Up Work


Make-up work will be done as per school policy which is one makeup day for each day of your absence. Any late homework will be deducted 10 points for each day it is late. After 5 days, the assignment grade is a zero. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to see me when you are absent!


It is my job to help you learn. I am available before and after school for extra help!


Remind 101


 Please join Remind 101 if you have not done so already. Text @rcenglishi to the number 81010


Google Classroom


We will use Google Classroom daily!