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The Final is available under the covid 19 class assignments tab.


Coach Law

Room 704

Physcal Science

Track / Cross Country



Bloomz App Sign up Codes:

1st Block- 4D7B6Y

2nd Block- PPBFWZ

3rd Block- S5EAS2


Fall 2019 Schedule:

1st Hour- Physical Science (7:28-9:02 AM)

2nd Hour- Physical Science (9:06-10:39 AM)

3rd Hour- Physical Science (10:43-12:49 PM)

4th Hour- Planning (12:53-2:27 PM)



Plato Link:


* - copy and paste the link into internet explorer

   - then login by using the same login that you use to sign into the school computers

   - then click on the edmentum E 

   - click on the assigned assignment and begin