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Combining the new knowledge of human figure creation and two point perspective to create a surrealist composition that is influenced by the paintings we've viewed by artists such as Dali, Magritte, and Man Ray.  As students have been finishing up their surrealism compositions, they have begun independent work on a poster to celebrate diversity in New Jersey.


5th GRADE & 4th GRADE

Students are finishing up creating art using words related to our school's W.I.G. and in the style of Ed Ruscha; a pop artisit who used strange media such as food and vegetable juice to create his art.  Students will use measurement skills to help them create their artwork which will be painted in organic materials such as coffee, beet juice, or mustard for examples.  The next project will involve creating Earth Day posters in the style of the artist Keith Haring.


3rd GRADE & 2nd GRADE

Students are learning about Rube Goldberg.  Each student will draw their own Rube Goldberg device to perform one of the following functions: turn a page in a book, swat a fly, or squeeze a toothpaste tube.  3rd grade devices will contain 8 - 12 steps while 2nd grade devices will contain 5 - 7 steps.



Students are learning about Vincent Van Gogh and will be using paint to create a flower painting similiar to that of Van Gogh's famous "Sunflowers".