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 Welcome to our class webpage! This page will be updated throughout the school year. It is designed to provide you with helpful information and resources.



Here's what's happening in our classroom! 


Math:  Place Value Test On Tuesday (Expanded Form, Word Form, Standard Form and 10 times greater/10 times less)


Science: The Nature of Science (Scienctific Method)




Notes to parents: 


  • Please take a look at your child's planner each night. Please sign or intial the planner after you have verified that your child has completed their homework and you have looked over the days events. 


  • Your child's planner is our best source of communication. It is a wonderful place to ask a question or jot down a quick note. 


  • Please write a note in your child's planner if they are going home a different way than they normally. Doing this greatly helps issues from arising at dismissal time. 


  • Your child may bring a healthy snack for morning snack time and a water bottle for PE. Please insure that your child's water bottle is labeled with their name and my name.





Important upcoming dates


8/29 Curriculum Night

8/30 Early Dismissal

 9/4 No School Labor Day