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Service Learning



For service learning in 5th grade, students will become global citizens, while helping those in need. All of this will also engage the 5th graders in various literacy skills.


Book Drive

- Throughout the school year, the 5th grade will host many book drives. We will be constantly looking for donations of lightly used books or new books of any sort! This includes textbooks, chapter books, picture books, etc. The first book drive donations will be given to The Bridge of Books Foundation. The mission of this foundation is


 "to provide an ongoing source of books to underserved children throughout New Jersey in order to support the development of literacy skills and encourage a love of reading."


So far, we have donated 266 books as of November!!!!!!!


Food Drive

-- During the month of December, the 5th graders ran a food drive. The school goal was 1,000 items, but we raised 1,152 items! In only 7 school days, the school raised 1,192 pounds of food, which feeds 994 meals! All of the food was donated to the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean County.



Key Pals from Armenia

- To encourage children to be global citizens, each student will be matched up with a key pal from across the world. A key pal is just like a pen pal, but using e-mail. Students will be sending e-mails to their key pal to learn about life and school in another country.