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 Sara Short

email: [email protected] 

For Conferences: Call the Front Office


Daily Schedule: 


1st Hour  Anatomy and Physiology  (7:32-8:18) 

   Google Classroom Link:  2vt4bkf


2nd Hour Biology (E) (8:21-9:07) 

   Google Classroom Link: y4fbmng


3rd Hour Biology (9:10-9:56) 

   Google Classroom Link: pcc7a7v


4 th Hour Forensic Science (9:59-10:45) 

   Google Classroom Link: mccgj2o


First Lunch (10:48-11:13)


5th Hour Biology (11:16-12:02) 

   Google Classroom Link: upun4t5


6th Hour AP Environmental Science [APES] (12:05-12-51) 

   Google Classroom Link: qxlwjlr


7th Hour Biology (12:54-1:40) 

   Google Classroom Link: vjnkr3m


8th Hour Planning Period (1:43-2:29)



Parents and students should check POWERSCHOOL daily. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] 


Disclaimer: Parents and Students, please note that you should only use PowerSchool to see an accurate grade calculation, as we use weighted grades in high school. I may enter grades in Google Classroom to track performance and participation, but once transferred to PowerSchool, the category weights will take effect. PowerSchool is accurate, not Google Classroom!