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A Course Overview worksheet was proivded to your child.  This was assigned as homework assignment, which was due 10/19.  If your child has a 60 in Genesis for this assignment, you may fill out all sections, sign it, and give it to your child to return to Miss Mannino.  This will bring the grade up to a 70.


First Trimester Assignments:

1. Monochromatic Self-Portrait (Test Grade): Draw a picture of yourself.  In the background, draw a pattern or setting.  Color the entire page with different values of the same, one color.  (Due: 10/19. Can rework up until 12/3) 

2. Lend a Hand - Stand-up To Bullying (Participation Grade): Trace your hand.  Inside, write a message about how you can stand up to bullying.  Draw a pattern behind your hand.  Color using at least 3 colors. (Due: 10/19)

3. Start with Hello (Participation Grade): In a word bubble, write a message about how you can include someone who is alone.  Outline your message with markers.  With at least three colored pencils, create a pattern behind your message. (Due 10/19)

4. Jasper Johns Inspired Birthday Project (Test Grade): Fold your paper into 8 sections. Use numbers for the month, day, and year of your birthday.  Choose a color scheme of at least three colors. Use oil pastels to color your entire project using the same three colors. (Due: 11/16) 




Course Overview: 

Our focus of study will follow the Fine Arts curriculum provided by the district.  Our projects will explore the elements of art and the principles of design.  All projects will be completed in class.  Students may choose to bring an assignment home if additional time is needed to complete it, especially towards the end of the trimester. 


Art Rules: 

1. Always do your best to:   

  • Use class time wisely to complete assignments 
  • Be prepared to work 
  • Come to class on time 

2. Respect: 

  • Other students' work, workspace, abilities, opinions, culture/backgrounds, & beliefs 
  • All school rules (no hats, hoodies, and/or cell phones) 
  • All students and adults in the room

3. Tools should be used properly 

  • Use, clean, and store art supplies/materials carefully 




We have a behavior chart in class.  Each student has a number and a color card.  The color will be changed based on the student’s behavior in art.  The color code is as follows:


  • Green – Working well
  • Yellow – 1st Warning
  • White – 2nd Warning 
  • Red – Parent Contact (Phone or E-mail)  
  • Purple – Lunch Detention
  • Blue – Written referral to VP/Principal and/or removal from art activity.




Rewards may include: positive parent contact (phone call or email), listening to music while working (to be played through SMART Board or radio), tickets, free choice/free draw assignment, choice of seat for one day, and/or art gifts.



Art is a hands-on, project-based course.  Students will not be graded on their artistic ability, but it is expected they use their best effort to complete all assignments on time.  Names and class codes (5th grade only) must go on the back of work in order to receive credit.  We will use the rubric below for all art projects.



Grading Breakdown:

  • 100 – 85: Outstanding (O) 
  • 84 – 65: Satisfactory (S)
  • 64 & Below: Needs Improvement (N)


Students who receive an "N" grade on any assignment may complete the work and turn it in by the end of the respective trimester for full credit.  Due dates are as follows:


  • All Trimester 1 Assignments:  Monday, December 3
  • All Trimester 2 Assignments:  Thursday, March 7
  • All Trimester 3 Assignments:  Friday, June 14


Students will be able to keep all of their artwork.  Assignments and projects will be sent home at the end of each trimester.  Projects and assignments without names will not be returned.  In cases where students choose to leave work with Miss Mannino for display purposes, art shows, poster contests, etc.; notice will be given.  In certain cases, a permission slip will be sent home, especially if the work will not be returned (such as work entered into poster contests).  


Class Website:

Questions and/or Concerns?

Please contact Miss Mannino at

908 352 7664 x4400


Teacher Availability:

Tuesday 3:15 - 3:30

Wednesday 3:25 - 3:40



Class Schedule:



(8:55 - 9:45): Mrs. Leone - 6th Grade Art - Meets in Library

(1:40 - 2:20): Ms. Cooley - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Library

(If the Library is not avaibale, Ms. Cooley's class will meet in room 101)



(10:43 - 11:33): Ms. Valdez - 6th Grade Art - Meets in Library

(1:40 - 2:20): Ms. Luis - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Library

(If the Library is not available,  Ms. Luis's class will meet in room 105).



(9:00 - 9:40): Ms. Gonzalez - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Library

(10:20 - 11:00): Mrs. Loizou - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Library

(11:37 - 12:27): Mrs. Lentini - 6th Grade Art - Meets in Library

(1:25 - 2:15): Mr. Mancuso - 6th Grade Art - Meets in Library

(2:19 - 3:09): Mr. Pereira - 6th Grade Art - Meets in Library



(9:00 - 9:40): Ms. Kurdyla - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Cafeteria

(9:40 - 10:20): Ms. Wallack - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Cafeteria

(10:20 - 11:00): Mrs. Szewczyk - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Cafeteria



(9:00 - 9:40): Ms. Cruz - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Cafeteria

(9:40 - 10:20): Mrs. Ransom - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Cafeteria

(10:20 - 11:00): Mrs. Hoffman - 5th Grade Art - Meets in Cafeteria

(1:25 - 2:15): Mr. Branagh & Mr. Greco - 5th/6th Grade Art - Meets in Library