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Class Rules:


1. Be respectful


a. Respect your teacher


b. Respect yourself


c. Respect your fellow classmates


d. Respect all guests that enter our space


2. Be on time and ready to work


3. Place cell phones in pouches upon entering classroom


4. Turn in assignments on time


a. Assignments turned in late WILL NOT receive full credit.


b. After the cut-off day (designated by Mrs. Gray), an excessively late assignment will not be graded and the student will receive a ZERO for that assignment.


c. If caught cheating on an assignment, test, or quiz, student(s) will receive an automatic ZERO.


5. Follow the dress code and the rules of conduct of Neville High School





I expect you to enter my classroom well-mannered, on time, and ready to work. During your time with me, I expect you to be respectful with your speech, and your actions towards me and others. I expect you to stay awake, and I require your participation in the lesson discussions, the activities, the labs and the projects.


You can expect me to be respectful and fair to all of my students, teaching each of you to the best of my ability, and trying to make Biology I or Environmental Science engaging and interesting. You can also expect me to make an earnest effort to post assignments and grades in a timely manner so that you will frequently know your status in this class.