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This year we are using a classroom Economy! Students will earn an income for things such as handing in their homework on time, a signed agenda, consistently completing assignments, having clean and effecting work area, seat pushed in, Taking out writing folder at appropriate times, turning off electronics the first time asked and doing it appropriately, bonus work, and acts of kindness. Each item has a price and they will retrieve the money on their own. 


They will turn their money in on Fridays for a chance to go in the prize box. 


But wait!

There will be expenses that they may have to pay. The expenses are dirty work area, late homework, lost pencil, pencil sharpener, water break, bathroom break, behavior fine, talking at inappropriate times fine, extra paper, and missing agenda. 


I am excited to begin our Classroom Economy this year! Students will incorporate math skills, daily living skills and money skills using this! 


Please let me know if you have any questions!


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