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Hello everyone!  Welcome to homeschooling/enrichment!  What a new world we found ourselves in.  Thank you for coming here to find enrichment for your children.  I will be updating here and putting links to educational places as I find them.  We will also be using Remind to update and keep parents informed. I will notify via Remind if I put any new websites on here.  Please remember that the work being posted is only for enrichment purposes and to keep our little people's brains stimulated and active.  It has been suggested that an hour to two hours of "school" work along with an hour or so of independent reading a day is plenty.  


Please pass along to your little people how much I miss them and cannot wait to see them again!!


Everyone hang in there and wash your hands! : )


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Thank you!

Ms. Bethea